From the day I was born

Up to my youth’s thrill

Just one thing has kept me on

“Why should I?  Others will”


On the road I’ve seen the begging child

Whose single glance reminds of all my bills

His pleading eyes drive me wild

But I say “why should I? Others will”


Not a few steps ahead, I have seen

A young boy like me, lying still

With a pool of blood and people watching keen

But I say “why should I? Others will”


Not far, I usually see hungry homeless people

Bound to the road, unaware of heat & chill

Even imagining their life’s roughness isn’t simple

But I move on –“why should I? Others will”

One day, through that daily dump as I rode

A car thrashed me searching its daily kill

Because that day was my turn to lie on the road

The frightened me thought- “Now who will?”


Lying dead, I screamed with eyes looking up

But what happened next made my eyes fill

A young boy like me came close, held me up

And said-“If not me, who will!”


His words pierced my heart like a knife

Destroyed my mind’s coward and selfish hill

That day a new turn came in my life

Because finally I realized- “If not me, then no one will”


For how long will we neglect our responsibility

And put the burden on others to do the social drills

It’s the high time to change our mentality

And say with a determined voice- “Yes, I will…I will…”

 – Aakash Ravgotra, IIT ROPAR






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