BloodConnect Survival: 101

Firstly, congratulations, everyone! We had an absolutely phenomenal term. I hope your work made you happy and that you’ll be continuing in the next term too.

As a person, I tend to overestimate myself. Always. I believe I can do anything and everything (which doesn’t work sometimes). And, I’ve extended that attitude to this article. I guess I’m somewhat qualified to give you some advice or ‘fundae’, as our beloved IITians call it, I’ve still gone ahead and written something which might be absolute trash and might be invaluable. That, buddy, depends on you. Now that I have shifted the onus to you, let me start: 

#1. You know what they say- once you’re in, you’re in. There’s no escaping. But well, you wouldn’t want to escape. You might leave BloodConnect, but BloodConnect will never leave you (we have vampire-like tendencies :P)

#2. You’re doing the real thing. Do your work as though no one could do it any better (I was actually convinced for the most part that no one could do my work better). You come with your own idiosyncrasies, hopes and fears. You’re you, do what you do best.

#3. Don’t take yourself or others too seriously. No one knows what they’re doing; they’re just doing it… well. 

#4. A good sense of humour isn’t very common. Keep everything as light as possible. 

#5. Listen to what your seniors have to say, it’s respectful. Whether you want to do it or not depends on you. 

#6. Never be afraid to speak your mind out. Everyone is waiting to hear what you have to say. Be courteous. Try not to be rude- everyone’s working just as hard as you are. 

#7. Don’t let power get into your head. Stay grounded; we all have a common goal. 

#8. Try to make friends. They’ll make everything easier for you. You’ll have a lot more fun when they’re around. BloodConnect has seen some deep and historical friendships. 😛 

Also, they can run errands for you! 

#9. One day at a time (when things get too much, which can be often).

#10. Help will always be given to those who ask for it, much like Hogwarts!

#11. You might get frustrated, might feel resigned due to lack of response, but don’t worry, everything comes around eventually. That my friend, is the secret to not just BloodConnect survival, but life in general. 

#12. First understand and then try to be understood (Thank you, Mr. Covey). 

#13. Helplines, Camps, Awareness Sessions are just like water in your diet. Essential for survival, but often forgotten. 

#14. There is such a thing as free lunch (my budding economists, please take note!). Do join for all the treats, lunches which are on BloodConnect. 

#15. Your gut is mostly right. 

#16. Everyone’s here for you. Always


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