Perks of Donating Blood

A spider bite might not transform you into a superhero, but a small needle prick and a fifteen minutes by your watch sure can. Yes, by donating blood once you’ll be saving up to three human lives. Isn’t the “I’m the saviour” sash awesome?

Oh wait, here is even more awesome news: not only is donating blood extremely beneficial to those on the receiving end, it also has proven benefits to the person donating blood. Here are some of the benefits you gain for your humanitarian efforts.


  • The ultimate joy.


Close your eyes and think of a situation when you feel everything is collapsing, your hopes are diminishing and you have nothing to cling to.. Suddenly an angel comes into your life to lighten your hopes, to take you back into the sunshine. How does it feel? Amazing, no?

Amplify this feeling now, because the joy of saving a single life is indescribable.

Try it, once!



  • Get a free mini-checkup!


Before blood donation, your body is scanned of all possible risks. The mini-physical prior will check your pulse rate, blood pressure, haemoglobin level, platelets count, body temperature and more. Hence, this will shed light on the issues that you are unaware of.

Highlight, that this bonus comes FREEEE!



  • Au revoir to cardiovascular problems.


Regular blood donations keeps an eye on the levels of iron. Though, iron is an essential element for the proper functioning of the body, excess can result to excessive oxidative damage. This means, blood donation can arrest the culprit behind heart attacks, cancer, accelerated ageing and strokes.

Pretty cool, huh?



  • Calories… check; burn; done!


One blood donation equals 650 Kcal fired. Since, one can donate only four times in an year which means 2600 kcal yearly.

Whoaa! I’m impressed, I confess.



  • Easy blood flow.


Do you know what a high-sugar diet, smoking, radio frequencies, and other toxic electromagnetic forces, emotional stress, anxiety, high cholesterol, and high uric acid levels do to your blood?

All of these make your blood hypercoagulable, meaning it makes it thick, viscous and thereby exposes the risk of arterial blockages, clots, inflammation etc.

This is where repeated blood donations come to rescue. It helps your blood to flow better, possibly limiting the damage.


So, what’s the wait now? As soon as you turn eighteen, you are all set to go!


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