What have we become?

Ours is a country of many problems and a powerful youth. BloodConnect is a classic example of how a group of motivated young students can tackle any problem. Being a youth run NGO, BloodConnect provides innumerable opportunities to its members enabling them to discover their potential and hone their skills.

In due course of being a part of BloodConnect, the members grow into the kind of individuals they once only looked up to.

Talking to families of patients, arranging donors, organizing camps, pitching to people, encouraging them to donate, all these bring us out of our comfort zone and redefine our understanding of the world around us. Members holding the positions of Vice President, Managers or Executives of any departments get lucky chances to make contacts, develop corporate relations, brainstorm over ideas that help the cause, activate their leadership quality and in due course, develop their personality.

BloodConnect develops its members into people that have a can-do attitude and are willing to challenge themselves to grow. For certain, BloodConnect is not the sole reason for the success of its members but it surely has helped them achieve greater heights. Our member, Shivani Garg, who was the Vice President of the Camps department, got through Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. For Shivani her work in BloodConnect helped her ace her interview. Another one of our members, Navdha Khera, made it through Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Like these, many of our members are placed in some big corporate firms like Bain & Company, Facebook, Ola, CarDekho.com, Opera Solutions, etc.

Over the past 6 years we’ve had honest, diligent and passionate people working as members of BloodConnect and they are the ones to be accredited for the success of BloodConnect as an organisation. In return BloodConnect has proved for them to be a stepping stone to success.

BloodConnect prepares its members better for the future and helps them understand the role they play in making the world a better place, thereby motivating them on the social as well as the emotional front.

BloodConnect has helped us find the best in ourselves , a fact that all our members can attest to.

The experiences we have had, the friends and memories we make in BloodConnect, are going to stay with us for life. It is definitely not cakewalk, but then facing and conquering the challenges are what keep us motivated and strong.


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