On our 6th anniversary we present…

6 Reasons why you should donate at Letzchange.

Today, on our 6th Birthday, we thought of giving you 6 amazing reasons to donate at LetzChange. But, before we tell you why you should donate, we’ve listed down all the important things you need to know about the donation.



  • LetzChange is a non-profit organization helping people raise money for vetted and verified Indian NGO projects online. It has been created solely to enable you to support projects that alleviate suffering and provide long-term solutions.
  • LetzChange does not charge a fee for its service and all donations go directly to the NGO for maximum impact.



  • India faces a shortage of 3 million blood units. This shortage can easily be eliminated if only an additional 2% of India’s youth donates blood.
  • To make this possible, BloodConnect acts as a channel connecting voluntary blood donors with those who need blood. It is a youth-run organization and provides free help and specially works to target the poor and the needy.
  • Since its inception, the organization has grown a lot in terms of working for this cause. BloodConnect has developed a 360 degree solution to the problem of blood shortage.


Whether it’s your friend who came to you, asking you to donate some money to her NGO through the fundraising website, or you read about it on social media, or if you simply came to know about us and don’t know how, here are a few reasons why you should donate to us.


  1. In case you’re out of those who love to / wish to donate blood but can’t (due to whatsoever  reason), this is the perfect chance to give in your contribution to help us save the world.

You may not be able to donate blood, but you will be contributing to the million other things that need to be taken care of during blood donation.




  1. You don’t have to worry about the cash being used for the right reason and reaching the right people. In fact, no worries about cash. It’s all by card and on the net in front of you. No hidden hacks, we promise!




  1. If you’re out of those who donate blood regularly, and wonder, “I donate blood. Why do I need to give money?” then here is why you should :


Firstly, Congratulations! It’s a wonderful thing you’re doing. Each time you donate, you’re saving three lives. Of course you know how many lives you must have lit by now. We’re so glad to come across wonderful people like you.

But, to answer your question, when you want to eat something, do you just buy the vegetables from out? Of course you don’t. Having them is sure shot the primary need. But you can’t really eat it unless you don’t put in efforts to cook it.  


That is exactly how it works with donation as well. Blood donation is important, but so are monetary donations. Being a part of the privileged section of the society, we must take this up as our responsibility to do something for the ones who are struggling to pass each day. 🙂




  1. Magical Multiplication (1)  : Did we tell you how much difference each of you will make? For each 100Rs you donate, we will receive 700Rs, which will in turn help us make a huge difference. Trust us when we say each donation counts 🙂




  1. Magic Multiplication (2) : For every 100Rs you donate, you also help us save 10 lives through our emergency helpline number! Only a mere thought of it feels great, isn’t it? We’re sure you can imagine how great it would be when you actually make it happen 😀




  1. The simple pleasure of having helped the ones in need. We haven’t come across one single person who isn’t happy to help and we’re quite sure you feel the same. We’ve heard, good things always come around. May be that is why we’re hoping you’ll help us 🙂




For giving in your donations and more details, please click on the link below and do your bit of making a difference.



We believe making a difference is completely in our hands and the very first step would be doing it ourselves!


Stay healthy, Stay fresh and save lives!




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